André Künkel lives and works in Berlin. His works are set in context with the pictorial reality of society and the subconscious exploration of pictorial traditions. The mostly serial works furthermore deal with colour perception and colour structure. The series PARADEISOS is influenced by the cultural reception of Greek mythology and animal symbolism.



1987 Born in Berlin
2014 B.A. in MuseumStudies, HTW Berlin
Lives and works in Berlin
2019 Book Launch: „André Künkel 2012 - 2019“, Galerie Judin, Berlin
2018 Solo exhibition: "Zwielichtige Gestalten // André Künkels Metamorphosen", Reinhard Bär, Berlin | ABOUT THE EXHIBITION »
2014 Solo exhibition: "Paradeisos", Sonntagstr. 5, Berlin | ABOUT THE EXHIBITION »
2011 Solo exhibition: "Sündenfall p-q", AGORA Collective, Berlin | ABOUT THE EXHIBITION »
2010 Group exhibition: "Zwischen den Jahren", Kimbar, Berlin
2009 Group exhibition: "Lichtenberger Salonabend", Berlin
2009 Group exhibition: "Nicht Annehmen", UDK, Berlin
2008 Solo exhibition: "Kopf oder Farbe", ATUS, Potsdam


since 2014 Charity Art Auction for the Überleben- Stiftung für Folteropfer (annual contribution of an artwork) | SUPPORT HERE »

Studio visits in Berlin only by appointment.